can i get a whoop whoop...

for FOOTBALL SEASON!!! yes, i'm not a big fan of football on tv...but when it's my kids out there i can sure hoot and holler with the best of them (even though i still dont understand the game 100%)...i finally edited some of the pics from their first game. enjoy :)
here he is running out onto the field before the game, right after they called his name (and his mama yelled like a freak lol)
this is right after he came out of the huddle...he is center so he calls the huddle then comes out first (i do understand that much)
and miss princess jade...she was so excited to cheer, although you can't tell it from the look on her face here lol
yes, we've had HUGE issues over how short the shorts are...she HATES them and normally when mama isn't looking she hikes them down to her hips so they are longer. she does NOT want the tops of her legs showing. and she doesn't care that the other girls shorts are like that too. now lets hope she always stays this modest. (i know bec, she didn't get this from her mama did she?)
out for now

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