crazy life...

it seems lately i feel all i do is run run run...and it's making me crazy. i'm more of a stay at home kind of girl although i do enjoy going places on the weekends with my fam. what i don't enjoy is working full time, having every evening filled with some type of activity and nearly every single weekend full of something. some days are even double booked where joe and i are running different ways, each with a kid. it makes my mind just feel so scattered and it's driving me nuts!

let me give you an example of what i mean....
tonight jade has tutor at 5:30 and joey has football practice at different towns of course. also joe needs to run and pick up joeys 4-wheeler from the shop, which i'm pretty sure means i will be dropping jade off at the tutor and then hammering it to have joey at practice by 6
tomorrow night i have to go to my friend chris and amandas house to set up my stuff for our yard sale saturday
saturday i need to be at their house by 7, finish setting up for the yard there until around 2 and then off to my cousins house for his annual cookout. also joey has a birthday party at 4 to go to but i dont think he is going to go
sunday is another football game at 4...and we will be there till around 8
then my work week starts all over again...
ok enough of my

i found this picture as i was going through files on my computer last night...this was taken 4 days before i had jade...yes, i was huge!!! but looking at it makes me smile, i rememeber that day like it was yesterday...and i do have to admit i miss having a little baby around

i have so much scrappy work that i need to get done...and i know i HAVE to find time to do it...hopefully this weekend i can stay up a little later and get it done

out for now