happy hump day...

so the week is half over...woo hoo...i can't wait for the weekend. this weekend i actually dont have much going on, imagine that. friday night joey has a birthday party from 5 - 10 and jade has a dr appt at 4. saturday jade has a birthday party from 1 - 3 and that's all for saturday. so super excited about "almost" a full day at home!!! and sunday we have the usually football game, it starts around 5:30. this will be the closest i've had to a free weekend in what feels like forever.

i have a new feature on my blog...over there ---------------------->
you can "follow me"...all you have to do is add yourself to my group of "followers". right now i have no followers ::sniff::

and for those of you that check out joes blog...he is planning on having another challenge on his blog soon. this time it will be a music challenge, which is a lot easier for some of us. the football challenge was soooo out of my league. so keep watching his blog for that soon.

out for now