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happy monday morning...how is your week starting off? amazingly mine is fairly well so far...normally i hate mondays.

i have really been getting my scrap on lately but i can't show you any of it yet. just know in weeks to come this little bloggie will be filled with large amounts of layout lovin' and art!

the truck pulls friday night were all i hoped for...lots of broken tyrods, some clutches went, a busted hitch, a broken rearend and lots of hopping. one guy forgot to take the slack out of the chain before he pulled (someone always does this) and one guy had such big mud/grippin tires on his truck that he was up on 3 wheels just digging and crawling the sled along. good times were had by all. joey thought it was the best thing he's ever seen in his whole entire life. papa had a great time.

saturday was papa/kids date night...it was joeys turn to pick. they went to the truck stop for the buffet, to the park to play for a while and then to get ice cream. when they got home we all went out to camp and had a fire. we made smores and mountain pies. aboslute YUM! campfires during fall totally make me happy!!!

yesterday was the football game...joeys ankle seems to be doing well. he wore a brace on it for a few days and yesterday he played in the game. he only played offense so he stood out quite a bit. the coaches and other kids were soooooooo happy to see joey there and that he was able to play! joey is the center so he has a pretty important position. and they won 8 - 6!!!!! after the game the coach told joey "there is no way we could of won without big joe" which made him feel really good. the only bad part about the game was joey somehow managed to break his braces. so this week we are off to the orthodontist for a repair. always something huh...

jades first therapy appointment was saturday and i think we are maybe a smidge closer to a diagnosis. of course i have to wait until the school fully tests her before i know anything for sure. she seems to like this therapist and i was impressed with how long he has worked with children. she has another appointment this week for him to finish his testing and then we will see what treatment we need and begin that. i atleast feel like it's a step, even if it is a small one.

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