happy almost end of the week my lovelies...i am so excited for this weekend. i might even make some potato chowder and homemade bread bowls. yum!

i found this on my friend jens blog...we had a "girls day out" last may. jen, jade and i went to altoona to an arts festival and then out to dinner and did some shopping. on our way to altoona we stopped at a place from our childhood, forrest zoo. i can remember going there when i was very little and just loving it. i remember one time i was afraid to feed the elephants because they just looked sooooooo BIG to me. so my dad lifted me up on his shoulder and fed them for me. i can remember going there with all our family and my cousins and i playing. and what i remember most of all was the little place across the road. i believe it was called storybook forrest. it had these little mini houses from fairy tales (7 dwarfs, snow white, old lady that lived in a shoe). and i always wanted to go in those houses soooooo badly, but i dont ever remember us being allowed to go in. it closed about 15 years ago, they weren't feeding their animals i believe or some charge like that. and they have just let the place get run down.
anyways, jen and i stopped to take pics of it. and because joe would never stop long enough for me to go in. he was all scared of me going past the "no trespassing" sign and hopping over the fence. such a wuss huh?

so jen, jade and i nosed around a little bit. and as luck would have it miss jen had her camera with her!!!
this is the building on the zoo side. we snuck in the door and nosed around a little bit. hey, there weren't any no trespassing signs that we could see.
and this is the other side of the road where the little houses were. as you can see it has grown up quite a bit. this is the house of the old lady who lived in a shoe. i was so excited, while jen was taking the picture i ran ahead and around the back. oh.my.gosh...there was a door that i could go in...i have waited my whole entire life to go in one of these houses!!!!!
i walk in the shoe and...what the heck...this is the first thing i see. someone was smokin' it up inside the old ladys shoe. is there just something not right with that? i'm sure THEY thought it was totally funny. i, on the other hand, was totally let down. i guess in my mind when i walked in it there would be something magical, like the old lady in a rocking chair with kids all around. hey give me a break guys, i've been waiting since i was like 5 to go in one of these houses...lol. nope, nothing magical, just this......

out for now ya'all