weird...i don't mind this monday (YET)

i couldn't believe when i looked at my blog and saw i hadn't posted since wednesday...i thought for sure i did thursday and friday...i guess this week i will just have to make up for it

joey now has his braces on...and finally, after 4 days, they arn't so stinkin sore everyday. he's learning how to eat with them on (cutting stuff in little pieces) and he's found out that wax is his friend
also joey has a new "fan"...a little girl that obviously likes him...and she calls my house at least 5 times a day, one day calling about 12's driving me insane, for real...and i don't think it's one bit necessary at 11 years old

i have all my spaghetti sauce done...i canned 51 quarts, finishing up saturday...and i'm so glad it's done, thats a lot of work

joeys first football game was yesterday, and jades first time cheering...they both had a good time...joeys team lost 32-18 but he got two good tackles in...and i saw him get mad during the game and really knock a kid on his ass (that's my boy!)

here is some layout lovin' from the weekend~

out for now