keepin it real...part 2

so a while back i did this know i keep it was about jade and the troubles she had been having at school. it might be easier to follow what i'm about to type if you go back and read that post first.

so i've always tried to keep it real here, no matter the situation. we've all been through a lot on my little bloggie here and i'm sure we will be through more in the future. i've been waiting to make this post until i had all of my information together. i have it all now it goes

the school has been telling me for years that they felt jade had a learning disability. i, on the other hand, felt she just learned differently than the other kids. not that i felt she had a disability, just that it takes a certain kind of teacher to grasp her attention and keep it. she needs attention, to feel appreciated and to feel like she is working to make them proud. she likes to be rewarded and praised. she thrives in a warm and caring environment. the school felt differently than i did and really pushed that she be tested for learning disabilities. i went through a lot of different emotions about it but finally gave in last april and told the school they could test her.

the school did their testing two weeks ago and called us in for a meeting on friday. prior to our meeting i had prepared myself for all the different things it could be...add, adhd, bipolar, autism...i was prepared to hear anything. yes, i would be upset, but i would do whatever it took to make jades life easier at school. i was very anxious and nervous walking into this meeting...and i took my mom and joe along with me.

i was surprised at how many people were in the meeting...the principal, school psychologist, jades teacher, another 4th grade teacher and the guidance counselor. the psychologist started going over her findings...and then it came time for her diagnosis...she said "we found, through the testing, that jade has no learning disabilities and isn't in need of any special education services". i was so shocked i had to ask her to repeat it. after everything that school put us through...

i am thrilled and over the moon about this answer, dont get me wrong. it just upsets me that jade went through thing after thing at that school for no reason except she doesn't fit the "cookie cutter" image they want. or because some teachers dont want to make the extra effort with her.

i do currently have jade in therapy for her anxiety, to help her learn to cope with problems that come up. she needs to learn coping skills now, while she is young. she has such anxieties and basically has panic attacks. during these she gets sick and throws up. so we need to get that under control.
this sweet little girl is the most loving, caring and hilarious thing...and i wouldn't change a single thing about her for the world. love you jadie lou lou....

out for now