oh my gosh...

it's been forEVER since i blogged...geesh! i've been crazy busy here at work. i've been out of the office for two weeks now working at a storage facility here in town. i am the "go to" girl for storing/archiving our files...for the entire building. that translates to about 1000 boxes of files. we recently acquired a new storage facility and the files were brought over a few weeks back and placed in a back room at the place. basically all the boxes were stacked on pallets - 27 to be exact - and they needed moved down a long (creepy) hallway and into the storage room we are renting. then they needed placed on the shelves, according to department, and labeled with their exact shelf spot. i'm trying to be as organized as i can...just because normally people NEVER return something to the same place they got it.

anyways...i know this is boring...the building i'm in is SUPER creepy...and it's HUGE...and i'm there alone everyday moving these boxes. and if you know me you know i get creeped out easily. when i go in in the morning it is pitch black in there, not a single light on and no windows in the place. the picture below is the BIG room in the back, our files are all stored along the one wall (you can't see them). but the light switch is, you guessed it, the ENTIRE way through the room. yes, i have to walk the whole way through it in the dark...my little flashlight doesn't do much in this huge room. and one last time...it CREEPS ME OUT! other than that i would love being there everyday by myself.

in other news...and a story most will enjoy...last saturday night we decided to take the kids bowling. bowling and i...not so much friends. but i went along with it because i know how much the kids enjoy it. i had went about 4 times and was up again...i was hoping to pick up the spare...went up and threw the ball and stepped in the lane by accident. for those of you that dont bowl much (like me) the lanes are oiled!!! oh yes, slick as shit. before i knew it i was on the floor. oh yes, i took a big whooptie fall down and did a split. when i did the split my pants also decided to split. great huh!!! so not only did everyone in the place see me fall BUT they also saw my ass. good times good times! p.s.....the lanes are oiled!

the kids are doing good...this is the last week of football/cheerleading. we have our last game on sunday. as sad as i am that it's done, i'm kinda glad the running will calm down for a while. i'm kinda worn out with the running every single day.

have ya'all checked out the music challenge on joe's blog? the link is over there -----------> it says joe joe. go check it!

out for now