as if....

continuation of the joey and high school girlfriend/cheerleader saga ~ so i get home last night and as soon as i walk in the door joey is wanting me to read texts on his phone. turns out he is now "texting" with most of the junior high cheerleading squad. mmm, mama isn't ready for this. i mean, really girls, my baby boy is only 11. he isn't allowed to date until he is 16. he has no job and no car (that runs)...right now i am perfectly content knowing where he is every second of every day and i'm pretty sure he is content with that too.

and while i'm on a's 23 degrees outside...and it's that really necessary BEFORE thanksgiving?

also, is it possible at all for kate o'brien to just send me my refund? i don't want to fight, i don't want to press all these crazy charges...i just either want my kit or my refund of $41. She told me weeks ago she was sending my refund via a money order through the mail. and still i've received nada. today, that's irritating me. i'm sure i'll get tons of crazy, angry comments on this but really...ya'all know it's not right. it's not right to take someones money and then not follow through with your end of the deal.

out for now