*** f R i D a Y ***

it's finally friday, waaaahooooo! i am so SO ready for the weekend. of course all i'm doing is staying home and cleaning but hey, anything is better than work right?

i'm leaving work here in about 45 min. to go to jade's school and do the big presentation on scrapbooking. wish me luck! i can't believe how nervous i am to be in front of fourth graders. actually i think the reason is i dont want to be a big dork and embarass jade lol...so tell me, was it a bad choice today of all days to wear my SNL t-shirt that says "MORE COWBELL" with will ferrell on it? yep, good chance i might embarass her

facebook and i are becoming more friends...here is the link to my profile...the super fine and fab miss rachel (HO) was nice enough to link it in the comments from yesterday...and she didn't even call me a dumbass for saying "just go search for amy cutler" lol...turns out there are like a million amy cutlers on facebook

dont forget to check out the crop at tally this weekend...those girls are crazy fun and there is just insane amounts of talent there...the inspiration is just...aahhhh...outta this world

and miss tanya...i would gladly send you this damn snow! i really hate driving on it, like really really HATE in the most extreme meaning of the word...but on the other hand snow just makes the holiday season feel "right", if that makes sense. but after christmas....girl, it's ALL coming to ya!

ok i am SO bored with these pictureless blog posts, how bout ya'all? let me see what i can find here to spice it up some...

out for now