facebook anyone??

so i'm not even real sure what facebook is...is it like the "new" myspace? well i gave in and now have a facebook page...i guess you would just search for amy cutler...not sure, it's all new right now. if ya have a facebook...go add me!

i woke up this morning to...a snow covered ground. the first heavy snow is always pretty. it would have been much prettier if i didn't have to leave my house and drive a 1/2 hour to work. the roads weren't all that bad but a few places (lumber city hill) were sketchy. joe told me after i went through there a tractor trailer rolled over. i know the hill was all ice when i came down it. good times...good times

guess just how excited mr joey is for his physical and shots tonight? yep, about that excited, lol.

i am excited for my presentation to jade's class tomorrow. nervous as heck though, my talk is only about 8 min. long and i have 43 min. to fill! i think i'll have them help me make some scrapbook pages

out for now