good monday morning my's a short week, woo hoo! i'm so freakin' excited for the long weekend you just dont even know. and i'm trying to work in a date night for saturday night, if that's at all possible.

this is, by far, the funniest thanksgiving card EVAH! i so love it...i found a few others that i really liked BUT they were way WAY more inappropriate than this one. the presentation at jades school went GREAT! the kids (even the boys) just loved scrapbooking and asked some really great questions. the teachers were just as interested as the kids. we all had a great time, especaially jade. i think she might of been proud of her mamas hobby. oh my FAV questions that one of the kids asked "if you have a lifesize scrapbook, could you scrapbook yourself to the page?", how do you answer that one?

i just wanted to add this little pic...just because some days i really DO feel like this...and i wish this excuse would work
out for now