hump day hellos

it's hump day peoples...the week is half over!!! thank gosh, right?

yesterday joe and i had off but the kids had school, which made a nice day together. we went out to lunch and just enjoyed each others company. when we got back home my FAVORTE AUNT EVER, aunt vi, was at my moms! aunt vi lives in texas and normally we only get to see her and paul once a year when they come in to camp. so it was soooooo nice to get to visit with her. she is one fiesty lady who always makes me laugh...seriously, she is a crack up. LOVE YOU AUNT VI!!!

jades class is having "hobby week" next week and the parents can come in and share their hobby. ya'all KNOW what my hobby is...scrappin! at first i didn't think i would be able to as the school has a new rule this year that you have to have all your clearances to go into the classrooms. but i just called the school and found out that infact i can go in and share my hobby! woo i will be telling a bunch of fourth gradres about scrapbooking. now i'm nervous, ha ha

i'm so excited about thanksgiving, i just love cooking family dinners. joes mom ruth is coming up for thanksgiving and staying with us for a few days. and his brothers might be coming also. i am just in total love with big family dinners...i know, i'm a freak...they just make me feel all warm. and i feel this thanksgiving is extra important as joes mom is sick. i just think it would be nice for the whole family to come together.

there will be new prompts up at guttergirlz and dream girls soon, tomorrow i believe. so soon i will have some layouts to share! i was scrappin up a storm this weekend. the pics janine took of us were just so awesome i couldn't wait to scrap them!

out for now