i tried girls...

we got our disk from janine on saturday with all the fab pics she took on it. and they are AWESOME! i was going to upload some more of them here for ya'all to see BUT i'm on this stupid laptop at the warehouse-o-creepy and it just WONT do it. so we will have to wait till tomorrow for that, when i'm in the office.

today is my very last day at the warehouse-o-creepy and i'm so sad...i've grown to love it. i love the silence, solitude and peacefulness of it. yes, it has it's creepy side BUT compared to my other option (sitting in the office) this was a great choice. it rescued me at a point where all the women in my office were fighting and i could just escape to over here. love it!

tomorrow is friday, thank gosh. tomorrow night i am taking joe's mom to get her hair done. then i'm heading back to her house to run the sweeper and such. saturday the kids have a skating party at 4:30 for football/cheerleading. joey doesn't want to go and jade does...figures huh! after the skating party i think we are heading to altoona to pay on our layaway for christmas. and maybe grab a bite to eat. sunday i would like to just stay home ALL DAY LONG and not go anywhere!

well i should go, the electricians are here
out for now