it's F.R.I.D.A.Y.

and i am thrilled beyond words...somehow this week felt forever long, and i even had a vacation day on tuesday...i'm excited for sunday, i'm not leaving the house at ALL (and i'm making stuffed peppers, yum)

the pics i posted below were from our photo shoot a few weeks ago with janine...she did such a fab job! those were just for you girls :)

tonight we are taking joe's mom to get her hair done and then probably out to dinner. then i am going to clean her house up a little bit for her. tomorrow is still kinda up in the air, the kids have a skating party for football/cheerleading but one wants to go and one doesn't. if they DON'T go then we are going to Altoona. if they do go then i have no clue what we are doing. i know i have to get some cleaning done tomorrow to get ready for thanksgiving.

welp out for now, might be back later