it's time for change...

and i do believe that with everything i have. i also believe obama is the best man to make that change. america as a whole is in a terrible place right now where the working man can hardly make it. you have to use half your paycheck just to pay for gas to get back and forth to work (although recently it has come down), groceries cost an insane amount and every day families are finding themselves homesless because they've lost their house. we NEED change before we are all living in boxes down by the river.

and yes, like it or not, obama will be the next president. i realize not everyone is comfortable with change but change isn't always bad. and the mentality and ignorance of people in my area has become blatently clear. and i really feel the need to address a few of the "issues" they have brought up.

obama is a baby killer - i'm not going to profess to know the ins and outs of what all obama has voted for or against because frankly i have no clue. just being honest here. i know he has a different stand on abortion than i do. BUT i also know that obama does NOT going around killing babies. and for parents to teach their children he does just sickens me.

obama is the antichrist - i have a big opinion on this one...first of all lets review 2 John1:7 "for many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. this is the deceiver and antichrist". the word antichrist is only in the Bible 4 times and all was written by John. we have been taught since we were little that this big bad "antichrist" was going to come during some end of the world holocost. when actually there are lots of antichrists out there, anyone who doesn't believe in Jesus Christ or who preaches against him (athiests and agnostics). the antichrist has no horns or red glowing eyes, he isn't the next president and he isn't a demon possessed human clone. the antichrist is that sweet elderly lady living next to you that teaches the neighborhood kids that Jesus was just a myth. so before you scare my kids to death and spread your ignorance, get your facts straight. the other verses that mention antichrist are 1 John 2:18-19, 1 John 2:22-23 and 1 John 4:2-3 if you would like to look them up.

all the obama will be assassinated jokes - not only do i find these not funny i also think they speak loudly of the peoples intelligence. yesterday i had to take my car to the garage. i go to a garage owned by my best friend becs uncle tom. now uncle tom is this devout christian, pillar of the community if you will. but uncle tom could not WAIT to tell me a terribly off color joke about obama being assassignated. did i laugh? NO did i argue with him and tell him my opinion? nope, i just acted like i never heard it and didn't even acknowledge it. luckily i didn't have my kids with me. for some reason people like him don't really care who they say these things in front of, including my children. turns out i'm raising my children to not be racist and to see people for who they are on the inside and not the outside.

obama hates religion and will close all the churches - yes, jade was told this one at CHURCH last night. and guess who told her that? the preachers daughter!!! and it's obvious where the little girl got that at, from her parents. she told jade we would all have to meet in secret in the preachers basement and hide our religion. i mean, i dont even know where that one would come from except them thinking he is the antichrist. this church has been really grating my nerves as it is...ever since they gave the little kids (from kindergarden through 6th grade) a lesson on sex and homosexuality and how God hates homosexuals. i just love when people put their prejudice off on my children. and LOVE how they like to preach fear and hate. God doesn't hate anyone, not even the worst murderer in the world, he hates their actions. he loves us all as his children. aahhh, that's another subject.

and this one was good also...the man standing outside the building where everyones votes telling joe (with joey beside him) that we dont need to vote for a "n word". i hate that word, HATE IT...and i have taught my kids just how ignorant that word is. ignorant and disrespectful. so much so that jade was watching a movie (hairspray i believe) that had that word in it and she shut it off and wouldn't watch it. so please, little bald headed middle aged freak of a man, spew your hate and ignorance in your own household and not in front of my kids.

so there is my opinion on it all...
out for now

oh, totally off subject...but i would also like to touch on the man who thinks i should buy steaks out of the back of his van. what? i dont have any clue who you just pull in my driveway and come to my door...and i am to give you $180 for steaks out of your shiney van? um yeah, whoever came up with this idea really didn't think it through much.