mornin' starshine...

we had a big ole' crazy good weekend and we never even left our house! lots of cleaning, good food, movies, family time and fun was had by all. and i even snuck in some serious scrappin time! friday night i staid up to the wee hours of the morning sitting at my scrap desk...being flooded with inspiration as the rest of the house slept. pepper and the cat were snuggled in their bed right under my scrap desk, so cute. can't share my work yet though, soon i promise.

i would like to request some prayers for joe's mom ruth. she has been sick lately and seems to be getting worse day by day. and i think also some prayers for her boys, for strength for them. watching a parent fail and go downhill is the hardest thing ever.

joe and i both have tomorrow off work and the kids have school. so it's actually an all day DATE DAY! woot woot!!!! i think we might head on over to altoona and maybe grab some lunch. good times

i'm going to be doing some blog construction here and there. ya'all know i can't ever let anything alone for long!

well enough rambling for now