in keeping with the "it's time for change" theme from the last post...i have made some changes here at the little bloggie...i know i've used this banner before but i just love it. perhaps a new "winter" banner might be in the future (once the ugly snow starts falling)
here are a few recent layouts i haven't posted here. the first one is for the current guttergirlz challenge...alcohol makes me. LOVED this challenge! and this is ever so true (wink)
this layout is for the current challenge at of my life. nothing could describe my entire life better than redneck woman...the end.

so this weekend i am locking us in the house and we are cleaning like mad men. including the kids, whether they like it or not. their rooms (especially jades) looks like a tornado went through it. and turns out it's kinda wearing on mamas nerves.

current friday happies~
- ghost whisperer tonight
- netflix movies waiting on us
- staying home all weekend with nothing on the schedule
- late night scrappin
- haluski on the menu :)
- unseasonably warm fall days

out for now ya'all

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