christmas projects

this is a little christmas tree i made last night out of a recycled paperback book...i wanted a little tree for on my desk at work and i didn't have one so i improvised. it was SO SIMPLE and turned out so cute. i love the little deer i cut out for infront of it. the picture of it is horrible because the lighting at work sucks...and i obviously forgot to move my cigarette pack before i took the picture lol
the kids and i made more christmas presents last night...they turned out AWESOME! i think this weekend we are going to make cinnamon/applesauce ornaments and maybe start some christmas cookies. this season i'm just all about making stuff and i am just LOVING it!
i believe rudolph is on tonight...i'm going to DVR it so we can watch it a million times before christmas. that is my second fav christmas cartoon...the grinch is my first. last weekend we watched christmas vacation, that movie never gets old huh...still as funny as the first time i saw it.
out for now