i am so excited that the weekend is almost here...kinda worn out with this week and ready for a few days away from this place! i just want to stay home all day and create!
last night i made jade a new stocking for christmas. i didn't show it to her, i want to surprise her with it on christmas. it was a struggle, as must of you know sewing and i are NOT normally friends. but, surprisingly, this went fairly well...only a few bad words. i know she will just LOVE the owls on it.and look at my new FAB HO shirt...i love it for a couple different reasons...i love that it says HO on it...i love that it reminds me of rachel, THE original HO...and i love that it is christmas-ietonight i might work on some more stalkings...and i had an idea of making jade an owl pillow for her room. i know sewing and i will never ever be bff's BUT i can kinda muddle through it.
out for now