in the gutter again...

there is a new challenge up today at the guttergirlz will have to go check it out, it's a good one! my journaling says "i totally know that i'm bossy an a occasional bitch - the easiest way to get along - do what i tell you". lol, i'm not really THAT i?
joe's mom is still in the hospital. i believe she is going to get out tomorrow and then be transfered to a local nursing home. she was to go to a local facility that specialized in dementia but we found out it was for people more advanced than her. honestly, this happened so suddenly (basically overnight) and it is like living a nightmare. within a few hours time, her life and our lives changed. it makes me horribly sad...dementia is such a sad disease to watch. every time you see the person they have lost a little more of themselves. please continue to pray for her (and us)...these boys (joe and his brothers) need strength right now. they are all SO CLOSE to their mom, and they are having a rough time with it right now, as i'm sure any of us would. thanks everyone for the prayers!!!
it's getting close to christmas and i'm really super flippin stressed...i STILL dont have my shopping done!!! with everything else that has been going on shopping has basically been put on the back burner. now that i have time to sit and think about STRESSES ME!!! hopefully this weekend i can finish up, cross your fingers for that. i need to get packages sent out (they should have been sent by now)...i still dont have my christmas cards even wrote out, let alone sent. what would the holiday season be without stress lol
well i'm off for now...i'll be back sometime soon with my layout for the new challenge over at dreamgirls.
out for now

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