Is your house on fire, Clark?

merry almost christmas peoples...our past week has been filled with tons of crazy pre-christmas schtuff...last minute present buying and tons of wrapping...

let me think of some highlights from the last week (since the drunk band concert)...

~joe's mom has been transfered to the nursing home and seems to be doing very well...i actually think joe is signing her out and bringing her to our house for christmas

~jade had a little play at school today...i couldn't go but my mom did. she took some pictures for me...she's a good nanny

~the kids had their christmas program at church sunday night and was it cute and FUNNY! i just love the little tiny kids, and there is always one with such a LOUD voice lol. at one point i thought my kids were going to have a tussle on the stage but we made it safely through it

i think that's all, nothing else exciting i can think of...

out for now