**monday happies**

happy monday morning ya'all...we had such a nice long weekend! joe's mom was with us from wednesday until friday and we had a GREAT thanksgiving meal on thursday. i do have to say my cooking rocked that day.

friday we also put up the tree...SO love that (although joe always bitches that it's too early). the only problem is ming (the cat that ate rat poison) wont leave the tree alone. yesterday he actually chewed one of the lights off, damn cat. i can SO see a scene straight out of christmas vacation coming!

saturday we went shopping for the entire day, literally...we left the house at 7:30 a.m. and came home at 8 p.m. it was a long day but a productive one. my mom went with us and geesh, that woman can shop circles around me! jade got her hair cut and it looks so cute, now it's all the same length as her bangs.

yesterday we just hung around the house...i worked on christmas presents all day long. such an awesome-creative day! i tried to crochet a little bit...and then remembered why i haven't done it for years...we are SO not friends! i am the worlds worst crocheter!

the new challenge went up yesterday at guttergirlz...and you will NEVER freakin' believe who the honorary gutter girl is...LINDA WOODS! linda, along with her sister Karen Dinino, are the authors of journal revolution...a book i totally ADORE! so go check the challenge and lindas awesome work! here is my layout for it~i love how creative i feel around the holidays...i just can't hardly wait each day to rush home and get creating...this year especially so. the prompt should be up at dreamgirls soon too so i will be back with another lo!

out for now