~oh happy day~

oh yes it's a happy day....lots of fun, happy things to share today!

first...i received an email from somerset memories yesterday. they are publishing my samson mini i made a few months back...and they asked me to write an article to go along with it! holy crap, huh? yeah, totally stoked about that!

second...i made the catwalk over at sis again this week! this totally made my day! it's an awesome feeling when someone you admire and just adore their work picks YOUR work for the catwalk...i am such a fan of amber ulmer and rhi!!!!!!

this video is THE funniest...EVAH...the end

also...there is a slight chance i might be addicted to facebook...i can't get off it! i love it for so many different reasons...just love

this thursday i will be heading back out to work in the creepy warehouse a bit...which i am NOT going to complain about, i kinda miss it. what i really miss is being alone and doing whatEV...and not having to answer to ANYONE about it. oh yes, i'm ready to have a few more days peace at the warehouse-o-creepy!

out for now