this will quite likely be the most random blog post evah! first of all, the kids (and their mama) are soooooooo excited for christmas this year. seriously, i can't wait. i just said to joe yesterday...this year just FEELS like a good one. i dont know if it's because of the snow we've had already or because we've been making SO many christmas crafties. we've watched basically every christmas movie we own...we even dvr'd rudolph so we could watch it over and over.

and the countdown is on...everyday i have to tell the kids how many more days until christmas. i imagine once we get down to the last week before christmas their excitement will just be uncontrolable.

miss jade has been growing her bangs out for what has felt like FOREVER...and i'm not going to lie, they were on my nerves quite a bit. BUT, as she told me everytime i said they were on my nerves, it's her hair. i figured eventually it would have to get better...so i let it go. two weeks ago she told me she was ready to get it cut...she wanted her hair all cut the same length as her bangs. and oh my GOSH is it cute! so stinkin' cute...i love it. so i guess i have to say...she was right!
this little sweet pup really loves his mama so much...the blue blanket you see him laying on, my family has named that blanket "blue"...and at times we all fight over it (although mama usually wins)...and this little pup just LOVES blue! if he sees me getting it out he will wait so patiently until i get settled then he is right there...on my lap...ready for his nap. so sweet...
random things that make me happy today~
* label tulip stamps coming this week*
* leftover lasagna for dinner*
* decorating the kids bedrooms for christmas tonight*
* hanging out cinnamon ornaments on the tree tonight*
* ordering new glasses today*

out for now