sorry and prayers

sorry for not posting yesterday...i was at the warehouse-o-creepy working all day...but had full intentions of posting last night

i'm asking for prayers, if you could...joe's mom had a stroke yesterday morning and she is in the hospital now. the stroke didn't seem to affect her physically but it did affect her mentally. jimmy (joe's brother) figures the year she is in right now is around 1982. she had a bit of dimensia before the stroke but the stroke seemed to accelerate it. it is a sad, sad thing to see. and to think i stopped at her house wednesday on my way home from work and visited with her and helped her bath...the difference between wednesday and last night is just something. please keep her, and her boys, in your prayers. these boys are soooooo SO close to their mom, they will need strength to make it through this.

thanks everyone
out for now