awww man....

i sucked at posting again didn't i? sorry about that! the new year has just brough so much crazy with it.

grandma is doing well and is on the road to recovery i believe. she can say some words so clearly but the rest are still jumbled. she has physical therapy monday thru friday and is doing SO WELL with it. i know why, she wants to be all better before camp time and when aunt vi gets up here. motivation!!!

joe's mom is now home, if you can believe that. she was released from the nursing home last saturday. so she is happy at home with her animal "babies" as she calls them.

what else do i have to share...hmmm...

oh soon i will have some new layouts up for guttergirlz and dreamgirls...can't wait to share them! i really haven't been scrapping much lately, my mojo just seemed to leave with the stress. so i'm hoping this weekend to just get back into it...and get lost in a world of creative

joe has been working like crazy with all the snow we've had...honestly, i'm worn out with snow! and with ice, why is ice necessary really? we are to get 3 - 5 more inches tonight {eye roll}...and friday the high is to be around, so excited for that

out for now