i love changes...i just can't stand the same old thing every single day after day...that's why i constantly change my hair color, furniture layout in my living and my blog banner. hope ya like the new will be up until i'm tired of it :)

so not much new...i mean really, in the winter what is there to do? we are pretty much held up in the house every evening. we did take the kids sled riding on monday and they had fun. well joey had fun, jade does NOT enjoy walking back up the hill. she usually takes one ride and then she has the shits of it. i seriously need a snow suit or at least snow pants, that "snow on my skin" thing just isn't my fav. and ya know riding down the hill at some point your coat is going to ride up and have your bare skin on the snow. not fun! we were thinking we might need to get some snowmobiles maybe...we miss riding our 4 wheelers :( joeys just wont go in the snow at ALL...ours will because it's 4 wheel drive.

the kids have a big "birthday party" at the church tomorrow night. it's the one night they celebrate all the kids birthdays and Jesus birthday. and they all exchange kids love it. especially since they have birthday cake, lol

anyone else watching biggest loser? i just CANNOT stand all...not a single bit. she is such a whiner, bitcher and complainer. joe especially loves when i yell at the tv...he tells me she can't hear me...but maybe, if i keep yelling, eventually she will...

i have some new pics to upload at some point, maybe later today if i can get joe to email them to me.

out for now