snow snow go away...

sooooo flippin tired of snow, for reals! and i hear next week we are to get a storm that could possibly dump 28 inches? are you freaking kidding me? enough already, we get the point....geesh

so last week i had a total suckish sinus infection and was off work thursday and friday...which left me with LOTS of time to scrap...yay! here is some of the work i got done~

and a little valentine wall hanging i made...i so love this time of year, feeling so surrounded by love...i just love LOVE lol

this is for the new prompt over at guttergirlz...go check it, it's awesome!this is for the new prompt over at dream girls...go check it!

in other news, grandma is doing well...improving every single day. she sure is a fighter for 92 years old! she is now saying more words and is feeding herself with her right hand!!! i am soooo thankful for this

joe's mom is doing well at home and seriously enjoying her furry babies. thank gosh she got to go home, she just couldn't stand the nursing home anymore.

out for now


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