happy almost day of love ♥

♥♥ so my fav day is almost here...valentines day...i just LOVE love and how it makes me feel...i love how creative it makes me feel...i love that i have someone to share it with...i love basically every single thing about it!

tonight we are taking the kids to texas roadhouse...they are SOOOOO excited to go. the last time we went it was joeys birthday. remember the whole "tell them it's my birthday so i can get cake" thing...then they made him sit on a saddle on a saw horse while they sang to him...oh yeah, classic

as for the rest of the weekend...nothing planned but STAYING HOME, doing laundry, watching movies and washing clothes in my NEW WASHER! heck yes, joe went and got me a new washer this morning...he's a sweet boy huh? i think he's a keeper

out for now...possible valentines photo shoot with me and the hubs coming up soon