just a few...

little things i want to put down here so i remember them...
discussions with my kids are THE most fun, i love them...

jade- "i think i've lost my affrotight" (appetite)
this one KILLS me!!!

me - "joey, are you still seeing (insert name here)?"
joey - "no, we broke up"
me - "but you just started seeing her YESTERDAY"

jade- "joey, do your dove rap again"
joey- "rrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrr bird bird word"
this was a conversation i overheard while they were doing dishes and i died laughing

joey- "pip pip e doodlie dooh" (in a sing song voice while doing the hat and cane
dance like michigan j. frog use to do)
me- laughing like a freak
jade- "why do YOU guys always get to have all the fun" (which translates to i'm mad that i
have to go to bed)

out for now