oh monday...

mondays are SO not my fav...but for some odd reason today i woke up in a good mood...
it's weird and it scares people lol...especially when i'm like the ONLY person around in a good mood

so we had a kick ass weekend...lots of fun was had...

friday night we went to chinese and then a little shopping at walmart
scored some $3 t's for jade...some of them are soooooo cute!!!
i do have to admit though that walmart makes me go out of my skull
and i totally hate it in there
i always feel like there are 4,000,000 people right up ON me
and crowding in on me
we quickly left after that

saturday we spent the majority of the day cleaning
and i cleaned miss jades room...which normally infuriates me
but i managed to keep it under control
we then rewarded the kids for their hard work by going to altoona
and going to outback...my absolute FAV
and had the pleasure of seeing a certain some i can't stand there
we hit up the movie store
and stopped at ollies for some books
(love their selection of books)

sunday we were planning on a chill movie day
until joey informed me he had to make a journal from world war II
and it was due TODAY (of course, it didn't even surprise me)
so i spent the majority of the day working on that
we did manage to get one movie in
and some scrapping!!!

oh oh oh, i almost forgot
friday night i busted out the old school polaroid and took some pics!!!
i used one of them here~

i *think* i did it right this time that you SHOULD be able to click on it and see it bigger...

if not then look at it by clicking HERE

out for now