polaroid lust...

so, it's true...there is just something i LOVE about polaroids. to me the pictures just scream ART and are so retro, vintage and full of life. not to mention my first childhood memories of "picture taking" was done with a polaroid. i can't hardly wait to get my hands on that baby and start shooting. my mom STILL has the polaroid camera she used when i was little AND a woman i work with said her mom is giving me her polaroid. oh.my.gosh...i will have TWO cameras to pick from! the only thing that makes me sad, totally, is that polaroid has discontinued film for the old polaroids...they stopped production in 2006 i believe. so i'll be browsing ebay for film that isn't a ca-billion dollars. still, i'm so excited!!!!

these are some polaroids i found online...how could you NOT see the art in these, geesh. that tree picture is just gorgeous. and the birds on a line ::sigh:: i hope mine come out half as nice as these ones.
photo credits...{left to right, top to bottom: Randolph Barry - Day at the Fair, Paolo Degasperi - Landscape, Tripp & Brown - Electroshock Romance 2, and Grant Hamilton - Flock on a Wire}

out for now