i haven't been here in forever...sorry...i know i suck...let me sum up the last two weeks...

~ joey has some sorts of migraine/stomach flu going on right now...not so much of fun at all

~ good times last weekend at the house of some old friends...i've missed them

~ snow

~ i actually watched the entire superbowl...and even screamed at the tv once...joe said THAT was kinda hot

~ report cards = good

~ more snow

~ the end of sylvan...which means miss jade is not home at a normal time BEFORE it's dark out

~ insane amounts of scrapping

~ an ice storm that made mama and the kids have a snow day (love)

~ new exhaust on joe's baby (his truck that is)...and yes, mama likes

~ joe screwing up in the MIDDLE of the packed grocery store and calling me TITS instead of TOOTS...nice huh

~ snow again, seriously?

~ more personal goals reached...that are currently a secret from my online friends and fam

that pretty much sums it up...

out for now