♥ hump day ♥

the week is half over...YES!
i am SO ready for the weekend...
this sickness has whooped my butt and i'm ready for some home time...
and some scrappy time of course...

i love that every single day jade has something new to add to her
"what i want to do for my birthday" list...
her birthday is in JULY people...
and she already has the entire thing planned out
including what she wants, lol

here is my layout for dare 130...all about pet peeves...
and wow, do i have a lot of them lol

#1 when you get in your car you do NOT automatically have an invisibility cloak on - i can see you picking your nose

#2 do you really need to get drunk before your sons chorus concert...really? (i think we all rememeber THIS POST from a few months back)

#3 lip smacking...enough said (this drives me straight out of my skull)

#4 it is better to say nothing than to try and fill the silence void with insane stupidity (such as how much i remid you of this butch lesbian you use to know...really...just shut up)

#5 when it's snowing and the roads are bad it might be a good idea to not pass me you freaking idiot (yeah, this infuriates me...and gives me instant road rage)

#6 don't give me your fake ass smile...it's bullshit and i don't buy it (sooooo many women i work with fall into this category...hence why i hate working with women)

#7 i do not need you to pass your small minded racist and hypocritical views onto my children, thanks (um no, especially not at church thanks)

#8 seriously, just put the seat back down

#9 buy.longer.pants. (i SWEAR one guy i work with is still wearing pants from high school)

#10 no phone call is so important that you need to answer it while sitting in the bathroom (how funny...#4 and #10 are about the same woman)

#11 you can't make fun of someone i love right in front of me and then expect me to not want to kick your ass (what you CAN expect is me to be straight up in your face pointing out EVERY SINGLE flaw you have and making fun of you for it...yes, including how much i think you look like a crack whore)

out for now