i have to vent...

i was so SO soooooooo made while watching biggest loser last night. ron just infuriates me! he is such a sneaky weasel, seriously. i was also so disappointed with mike last night. i know he was just going what he dad told him do...but still!!! kristin was my girl, i was so hoping she would win. now, i don't know who i'm rooting for. at this point probably philipe, just because i can't stand tara either. i like her until she opens her mouth...i am hoping this week either ron or mike get voted off. the other players really need to realize what is going on and break up this powerhouse team. ugh, i hate even calling them a powerhouse. i sooooooooo LOL everytime i look at ron and think of angela saying he remind her of an eagle. ewwwww, still mad and shocked that kristin went home!!!

this friday will be a sad, sad day. my chris...my pookie pie...on of my BEST friends in the whole wide world is leaving here and moving to mississippi. i wish him the best and i know it's the best choice for him. but i'm going to miss him like CRAZY! he has one of the BEST senses of humor ever. and he totally gets my humor, which not many people other than bec do. he would always stop and pose for whatever stupid picture i wanted to take. this picture to the right is his "gangsta" pose...it's one of my favs. he would do crazy dances and draw even crazier pictures if he thought it would make me laugh. he is seriously, for real, going to be MISSED LIKE CRAZY!!! i can't even hardly think of saying goodbye to him or i get teary eyed.

out for now