it's friday...flippin sweet...

oh friday, how i love you...sunny, warm friday...filled with laughs and chinese food...and friday when the first capri's of summer are worn...with flip flops so i can sit at my desk all day bare foot...oh friday of, my dear sweet friend, are my favorite of all fridays in history...

tonight the kids are going bowling with the church and joe and i are heading to gary and amys just hang out and eat, lol...time spent with friends is the BEST!!!

tomorrow i am planning on hanging TONS of laundry on the line and starting a huge project...the ripping apart of my pond. the liner has a hole in it sooooo i have to empty it, move all the rocks, take all the fish/frogs/salamanders out and replace the liner. that should take about all day long i'd say. BUT tomorrow is suppose to be really nice and warm, YES!

i also have some kinda sad of my besties here at work, chris, is leaving here. his last day is next friday and then he is moving south to mississippi with his wife and kids. although i'm happy for him i'm totally sad that he is leaving us. he is one of THE funniest people here. and he totally gets beckys and my sense of humor (not many do). totally sad, and i already know i'm going to cry like a freak.

out for now