i am not a fond admirer of mondays, not so much at all...and this one is no different. we just can't seem to become friends. there are also days that this job rides my nerves just about as much as possible. today would be one of those days!
this is a pic of the kids right before we went to church yesterday morning. jade looked SO SO sweet in her dress. and i could just tell she felt so pretty. and mr joey, i didn't realize until i looked at this just how much he had grown. in the fall he was only about half a head taller than he is a full head taller.

joe and i went on our "date day" saturday and it was AWESOME!!! we had such a good time...i just love reconnecting with that man. we went to altoona and did tons of shopping...and we ate dinner at outback (our FAV)...we made a few more stops on our way home. it was just a GREAT day. i took this pic of him outside the harley shop. bless his heart, he didn't even bitch about me taking pictures there. and this is basically what he looks like in EVERY single pic. the only person that could ever get him to smile for pics was janine...

jade and i had a quick impromptu photo shoot yesterday (we were bored)...we found a super cool new location near my house that worked out perfectly!!! here are a few of the shots from it...

out for now


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