mornin' starshine...

a new challenge went up yesterday at the dreamgirls's an awesome challenge, you'll have to check it out. and the dreamgirls have moved over to blogspot, so make sure you bookmark the new site!!!tomorrow is jade's field trip and she is SUPER excited!!! her class is going to the circus. we use to take the kids to the circus every year but we haven't taken them for a few years. the last time we went jade (and i) didn't care for the way the animals were treated. obviously jade has since forgot that and she is soooo excited for it. and tomorrow night the kids are going bowling with the church and then out for ice cream. i think they are both kinda excited for that.

i am SO happy that this weekend is suppose to be nice!!! i'm really hopeful that i will be able to hang sheets out on the absolute FAV thing to do in the summer!!! they smell soooo good afterwards and i just seem to sleep better on them. i also would like to get the yard all cleaned up and work on my pond some. my pond has tons of babies in it, which surprises me. i didn't think fish would have babies in the colder months.

i'm thinking this weekend might also be filled with random photo shoots and 4-wheeler rides. can't WAIT!!!

out for now

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