oh april...

did you bring nice weather with you? i surely hope so...i'm ready for warmth and sun

april fools day...always has me feeling a little on edge. this morning jade decided to "trick" her dad by taking all the shampoo and soap out of the shower. guess how happy he was at 5:30 a.m. to have to go search for where she hid it before bed? oh yes, i laid in bed..pretended to be sleeping..laughing to myself..

this weekend i'm going away for a GIRLS WEEKEND!!! yes, so love girls weekends. i'm going with ana, cathy, angela and michelle. some of my FAV girls in the entire world. i wish we all lived closer so we could hangout more than a few times a year. we are all going to ana's house in new jersey, bless her heart. i can't WAIT! and you know i will take tons of pictures.

so the other night jade says to me "mama, i don't want you to go this weekend" and she was as serious as could be. i said "why jade" and she said "everytime you go away daddy feeds us oodles of noodles all weekend". oh my gosh, i was dying. i couldn't laugh while she was there because she was sooooooo serious...and she REALLY doesn't want to eat oodles of noodles all weekend ha ha. oh little jadie, she makes me laugh.

there is a new prompt up at dreamgirls...and this month dreamgirls will be featured in scrap street!!! this is my layout for the prompt

out for now


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