oh happies...

this is our girl, raven (a.k.a. pap's girl)...my dad is OBSESSED with this dog, seriously...and this bone she is chewing, yep, pap bought it for her at the store. can you see how fat she is? i bet she weighs at least 130 lbs if not more. again, from pap feeding her (fig newtons and bread)...she LOVES her pap!!! i do have to say she is such a good girl, i've never really seen her mean ever. aaahhhh ming ming china love...the "special" cat that ate rat poison. is he freaking huge or what? i don't know that i've ever seen such a long cat. oh guess how much he liked jade holding him like this for the picture?
oh my sweet little pepper...he has my heart!!!
out for now

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