a sad tgif...

it's friday, and i'm thankful...but today is chris's last day here. he's been an awesome boss and a GREAT friend...and i will miss him like crazy!!! enough of that, no need to cry this early in the morning.

i fiiiiiinally got my scrap room cleaned and organized last night, what a job THAT was...i pitched quite a bit, organized my paints (according to color of course) and actually was able to see my desk at the end of the night. and why is it that once i clean it then i want to mess it up again...i'm like that every single time i clean it.

i am sooo ready for the weekend...we are heading to chris's house tonight to help him price stuff and pick up a few things. then tomorrow i am planning on hanging laundry out (my FAV thing), cleaning around the outside and inside all day...then we are having friends over in the evening. sunday is church then RELAXING with hopes of a 4wheeler ride. can't WAIT...it's suppose to be so nice all weekend.

welp lots of work to get done for the luncheon today
out for now