i have to say today i am sad, horribly sad. i've lost a friend, someone that i thought was a good friend. it was by her choice, not mine. i thought i knew her but now feel like i never did. i'm worried for her but there is nothing i can do. i tried to reach out, i swear that was my intention, but in the end i guess she didn't want helped. she misunderstood my intentions and took it as me attacking her, which simply wasn't the case. and now i'm sad and heartsick and i feel betrayed in a way. i feel responsible yet i know i'm not. it's impossible for me to stop caring, i probably never will. it's impossible for me to stop loving her as a friend. it will take a long time to lick my wounds and get over the hurt. if you could, please say a prayer for her...for the situation...for the healing of all of us...including her.

out for now