so thankful for hump day...

i am so glad this week is half over, i'm just worn out from it already. between stress and just rainy dreary days...i'm ready for SUN and WARM! friday and saturday are to be around 70 degrees and sunny...woo hoo!!! bring it on!

this is an art journal page i did for the newest prompt up at must go check it out! this page was such complete therapy for me, i really needed it. i've been missing my art journal pages lately and hope to get back into them soon.

this is a painting i completed last night for in my living room. i just adore how it turned out!!! i have a few little things to tweek but basically it is finished. sorry for the bad pic...i took it with my cell. there should also be new prompts up soon at dreamgirls and punk rock scrappers! so watch for those soon.
i also want to send a big birthday SHOUT OUT to one of my besties, michelle. she turns the big 3-0 today. 30 is SO not a big deal, in fact i think they kinda rock.
out for now

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