tomorrow is the day...

the day that papa kids have been counting the days down since christmas. they SO miss their papa when he is gone. they miss ALL their relatives i should say, especially jade. she always asks when is it going to be time to see aunt vi again and grandma lois.

and since papa will be there this weekend, that means saturday night i get a DATE NIGHT!!! papa always takes the kids to the movies on saturday night which gives joe and i a great opportunity to spend time together. i think we are headed to altoona for possibly outback and then some shopping. i've actually been thinking of maybe seeing a movie too, i haven't been to the movies for probably a year.

this will be the first year i've cooked easter dinner. i'm kinda stoked about it. i love cooking big meals!!! we are having ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, cole slaw, buns, pickled eggs and pumpkin pie....YUM!!!!

out for now