i've totally neglected this place for a few days...i promise the rest of this week will be better...

we had an AWESOME weekend!! friday night we went to our friends house and hung out with some other couples from church...we had a GREAT time but we always do there. saturday joe and joey went fishing with the church. jade and i went to ladies tea at the church. it was AMAZING! the food was out of this world, seriously. it was such a good time!!! after we left the tea we took some of the other girls and met up with the guys to fish some. then we headed home, got cleaned up and went out for dinner. such a fun day!

my mothers day on sunday was awesome!!! i got up early and put my FAV meal in the oven, so it would be ready when we got home from church. i made bbq chicken, cheesy potatoes and pugutch. YUM! after we ate we got the 4-wheelers out and rode them to our friends house where they had a birthday party for their son. great time of fellowship there. and we ended the day with some fishing. good times!

our busy time of year is starting and honestly i welcome it...lots of birthdays, weekend events, end of the school year activities...i also have a pretty big job coming up next week that i'm excited about!

out for now