i have to share...

my opinion of last nights biggest loser finale...ya'all KNEW i'd have an opinion on it right?

first of all, jerry...what the heck? losing 177 pounds at 64 years old...AMAZING!!! can you imagine being able to accomplish that at 64 years old? good for him!!!
i was happy for jerry although i still wish my girl kristin had won. she looked amazing last night, i almost cried when she walked out. she is SUCH an inspiration isn't she?

and as for the overall winner...ugh...i wish it had been tara. months ago i never thought i would say that BUT towards the end that is who i leaned to. i really liked mike BUT ron kinda ruined me on him. and helen, she cried all the dang time, which drove me insane. and last night she was just soooooo full of herself. and i really thought she looked sickly and too thin. but, it's done now...now to look forward to next season.

out for now