tgif...for reals...

i am soooo excited that it's friday...we are on our way to altoona tonight...i have to go to ac moore and get some supplies then off to get will just be SO NICE to get out of the house and do a little shopping...LOVE shopping!!!

saturday joe and joey are going with some other guys from the church to help put a new porch on for a woman that goes to our church. jade and i are totally going to have a girls morning...i am taking her out for breakfast and then we are coming home to spend the rest of the morning just creating...i told her she could paint which is like the best thing EVER in her book!!! tomorrow afternoon then we have a birthday party for joe's mom.

sunday after church i'm doing a photoshoot for jen keith...she needs some pics to scrap with next weekend. i believe she told me she is going to a donna downey class. hopefully it's nice that day!!!

and HERE IS THE SURPRISE i've been gushing over...well kinda...the actual post wont come until monday. but i'm totally stoked to be the guest designer over there!!!

and here is my layout for the newest prompt up at's an awesome prompt so GO CHECK IT!!!!

this is a new page i did for in my art journal...i am STILL in love with my art journal and hoping to get more pages done for it...
also watch for a new challenge up sometime today at the dreamgirls NEW can find it HERE...

out for now

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