this week...

has just been amazing...and filled with SUCH fun stuff! thanks for all your prayers last night during my photoshoot...i'm positive it worked. i had received some of the pictures yesterday from the first days shoot and took them with me. the parents LOVED them, thank gosh! one less worry! i was also asked to take some soccer pictures next week and can't wait for that, it will be super fun. back for the final photoshoot tonight!

i'm also hoping to scrapbook some this weekend. for some reason i just haven't been at it much at all. the last couple months i just haven't been "feeling" it. sometimes i do...and when i do i just rush in there and get done as much as i can, lol. but lately i've been feeling other painting and photography. not sure what is going on but i'm just going with it and not fighting it.

i can't wait for a long holiday weekend. tomorrow i'm leaving work early to go pick up joe and have a little mini "date day" with my love...then to the dance to take pics of joey and his friends. i have no idea what the rest of the weekend will involve BUT i'm thankful i don't have to come back here until tuesday!!!

out for now