**updates and opinions**

it's been a long time since this post here...and i thought all my faithful followers deserved an update. and i wanted to give my take on the recent jon & kate situation.

tuesday night i watched the first episode of season 5 of jon and kate plus 8. i had heard so much about it. when i saw it was being shown again i had to watch it. it totally made me sad and broke my heart, for each of them and for their children. i've been in the exact spot they are right now and i totally know what it feels like. i've lived day to day wondering if my marriage was going to be over. when she said the family picture was important to her because she didn't know if it would be thier last...i understood that and i cried. i just wanted to step through the tv and talk to them...share my story with them...tell them about the book that literally saved my marriage...i wish them the absolute best not only for them but for their children...

now for our update...since joe returned to us in october of 2007 (after being gone for 3 months) our marriage has changed. we now have a marriage built on powerful love, faith and trust. it has almost felt like we were newlyweds again, even still!!! during those 3 months apart we both worked on ourselves and what WE needed to change...when we came back together we had something so powerful and great it still amazes me. we are at a good place right now and i can't imagine it ever changing.

i would never recommend a separation to fix a marriage...and i don't want it to seem like our separation was easy, it was NOT...it was basically the hardest thing i've ever done in my life. it took so much self control to not be angry about it and resent joe. i had to learn patience and perseverance quickly. and most importantly i had to have FAITH. i know that at that point in my life God gave me strength like i had never saw before. every day i would pray not for him to bring joe back BUT for patience and strength and for God to do his will in HIS time, not mine. i stood strong for 3 months and God brought joe back to us.

out for now